Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fundraiser for 3 young boys who lost their dad in a tragic car accident

My brother lost his life on the Morning of May.31,2017 in a single car accident on a rural road, when his car left the road and rolled several times. He was ejected from the car and it rolled over him, killing him on impact. Jeff was a loving Dad to 3 boys ages 8,10 and 12. The boys were his world. He loved playing with them and was a big overgrown kid himself. Jeff was an avid fisherman. He love to smoke his fish and often gave it away to friends and family. He was a kind and caring person under his rough tough exterior. Those who really knew him saw this. He seemed to help more people than he helped himself. A sensitive soul. He will be forever missed by his Children and family. I created this Gofund me to help support his children in their grieving process. Even if you cannot make a large donation, every small donation helps this family. The boys are living with their Mother and Stepfather and brother from that marriage. Please find it in your hearts to give a little for these boys. RIP little brother and Bless you all. click here

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Love make up tools and tutorials check out this Company, earn money while sharing what you love!

CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT! Our family business started with two sisters and a dream. “We want to design and create the highest quality make up products in the world. We make them available to everyone, everywhere. We listen to what our customers say, respond to their needs, and keep them forever”. Beau Gâchis literally translates to “Beautiful Mess”. These two sisters are our little girls, who we refer to as our "Beautiful Messes". After launching our first product to the world, the response was deafening. We’re really excited for our next wave of innovative, classic, and luxurious products to hit the shelves. Our mission is to separate ourselves from the other “franchise” cosmetic outlets. Deliver professional, unique, and glamorous products to our customers while inspiring each and every one of you to share your individual beauty with the world.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Excellent ice cube trays from Kuuk. I love the silicone type ice trays. For someone that has problems with their hands cramping up, these types of trays work very well for me. Sturdy, yet flexible. These will not break when cold, like some of the plastic trays. I love the blue and lime green color. Each tray will yield 15 ice cubes. These are dishwasher safe. I received these for testing purposes in exchange for my honest review

Friday, August 28, 2015

Balloon Monsoon- Hundreds of self tying water balloons, done at once!

I barely had time to open my shipping box, when my Daughter's and Grandson flew out the door with this Balloon Monsoon kit! Hey kids! Wait we have to read the directions..... Not these kids, and probably not most kids. Too much fun is about to be had. This invention of self tying balloons in multiples is amazing! It actually works, really, really, well. Just screw the green hose end adapter onto the hose and fill the balloons. When full quickly pull up on the wand, they drop off all at the same time and do not fall off as the get heavy and pop. This makes the best seal. Fill them at medium speed, when filled give a quick upward yank and all balloons will fall off the plastic wands. I saw where someone said to fill them in water, or on water. So when they are done and fall into the water they will not pop. Great tips. The kids had a blast with this! Remind me to get a grass vacuum to pick up the hundreds of popped balloons! It would be great if they invented balloon material that would just disintegrate and then us adults wouldn't get stuck with the clean up! Amazing toy! Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm6956968b560a7eb499ca03a8b3b43189 pmc4e7bc3145caf05a5689ed8d5cf1eb36 I also received the refill kit- Click here You can buy it here Amazon link

Tuggs Towel clips are a must have summer item!

These new Tuggs Bungee Cord towel clips are FABULOUS! Don't you just hate it when you are laying on your lounge chair with your beach towel and the wind blows it off, or when you go to sit or lay down the towel moves and you have to constantly readjust it? With Tuggs you never have to worry about that again! The cute little Gator clips are very grippy. The teeth actually do their job. Simply push in the middle of the clip to open the jaws and attach it to one side of the towel, then stretch the bungee to the other side of the towel and push in the middle of the gator to open jaws and clamp on towel. Simple and very secure grip. Did not damage my fabric. Another neat thing about these Tuggs grips are that you can use them on more than just beach towels. I actually used them on my pool ladder and gripped onto a life jacket for my Grandson and an extra towel for drying off. So universal, you could use these on tablecloths outdoors, you can use them while camping to hang out your wet towels over a line or branch. These would also work great on our trailer awning to prevent the cover from flapping, when it gets windy. My mind is whirling with so many possibilities! I love that these are waterproof. No metal to rust. Washable, and UV resistant. And who doesn't love the fun, colorful image! These Tuggs also come with a Lifetime guarantee! I am needing to order more to have on hand. I'm loving these Tuggs. High Quality workmanship and materials. Peace of mind knowing I can trust these to do the job and also have a lifetime guarantee of replacement if they should ever fail. Blisswright Products really hit a home run with these. I highly recommend these towel clips. These would make a fine gift! Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm26fd14051dc873ac679a9ada5ef98f72 You won't be disappointed. Buy Tuggs on Amazon

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Snug Plug and Play Children's Headphones

I got to try out a nice pair of Children's headphones. My Grandson was the lucky recipient. The pair I received was blue. They are not wireless, they have a long cord. The Snug Plug n Play headphone for kids sounded really good with my Iphone 6 music. I bought these for my Grandson to use while playing games on my Ipad/Iphone. These are adjustable and seem to fit well, and are snug and do not fall off his head/ears. Nice cushioned ear pieces. I would have liked a volume control within a certain level, it is preset with only one level and I feel it does not need to be that loud all the time. You can use the volume control on your device to adjust it up or down. When we initially tried them my volume was maxed out on my phone so I felt the volume was a little high. After playing around I discovered it was device adjustable. I do like the way this product sounds as an adult. I've seen alot of mixed reviews on these and so far have not had any issues with the pair I received for testing purposes in exchange for my honest review. These would make a great gift for any child who is into playing games on the tablets, phones, leapster type handheld games or the electronic storybooks. When my Grandson comes over he always says, My game...Play my game and grabs the headphones. They are a hit for sure.
You can find them on Amazon here- CLICK HERE

Friday, May 22, 2015

Are you into gaming? Here's a couple links to new games for Android and iOS

Like games on your Android iOS phones/tablets? Here's a couple new ones to try- One of the most popular otome games from Japan! For IOS- CLICK HERE For Android- CLICK HERE Check out Game of War Fireage for Android here- CLICK HERE Check out Game of War Fireage for IOS- CLICK HERE