Sunday, October 18, 2015

Love make up tools and tutorials check out this Company, earn money while sharing what you love!

CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT! Our family business started with two sisters and a dream. “We want to design and create the highest quality make up products in the world. We make them available to everyone, everywhere. We listen to what our customers say, respond to their needs, and keep them forever”. Beau Gâchis literally translates to “Beautiful Mess”. These two sisters are our little girls, who we refer to as our "Beautiful Messes". After launching our first product to the world, the response was deafening. We’re really excited for our next wave of innovative, classic, and luxurious products to hit the shelves. Our mission is to separate ourselves from the other “franchise” cosmetic outlets. Deliver professional, unique, and glamorous products to our customers while inspiring each and every one of you to share your individual beauty with the world.

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