Sunday, March 15, 2015

All Natural Liquid Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin Review for Dogs

This all natural liquid Glucosamine is a must for older dogs, especially German Shepherds! German Shepherd's are known for their hip issues, and it can occur in both young and old dogs. My 13 year old guy has been having a very hard time, so much so that we have really been scared that his days are really numbered. His hips have really gone out on him, he drags his back legs, has a hard time getting up and laying down. He can't play with the other dogs without falling down, and then we have to help him up and help put him to bed to rest. I started using different supplements to help him. I tried pill form, and now the liquid form, and can honestly say he is doing so much better with the liquid glucosamine!! When I was chosen for this opportunity to test this on my dog I jumped at the chance. I knew the product was natural and made in the USA. Also it has a money back guarantee. Our German Shepherd is now under 100 lbs, and I started him on a loading dose which is double the normal dosage of 2 teaspoons, so I feed him 4 teaspoons all at one time morning and night. After 30 days I will cut his dosage back to the normal 2 teaspoon dose. What I have noticed about his daily activities now is he can now get up and down from his bed alot easier. He's not afraid of falling on our hardwood floors anymore. He can now climb up and down the steps on our deck, and he wants to play with the other dogs. After he plays a little bit, he still tires out, but he's still able to make it back up the steps and into the house. A huge improvement over the way he was a month ago! I'm very happy that this product has improved his quality of life. He can live out the rest of his days happier and easier with this product. Seriously if you have not tried this for your dogs I would highly suggest starting. If I would have known about this sooner, I probably would have started giving him this type of supplement alot earlier in life. I will continue buying him liquid glucosamine for the rest of his life! #wagmore #tomoson #liquidglucosamine #amazonreview Here's the link on Amazon- HERE Here's my happy guy at Christmas!

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