Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fifi & Fido Dog Jerky Treats- My dogs went crazy for them!

With 4 dogs in our house ranging in size from a Chihuahua to German Shepherd all I can say is these dogs went crazy for these Beef Jerky treats from Fifi & Fido! I received a bag of these treats for testing and review purposes, to see how my dogs reacted and how they tolerated these treats. First of all I was expecting a beef jerky looking treat. These are more like a pepperoni treat. They are about a 7-8 inches long in a round cylinder shape. They are not hard and tough like jerky, they are easy to break into pieces, and my dogs just scarfed them down! My chihuahua has the most sensitive stomach and these treats did not bother him. I did not give him a whole piece, I just broke off a 2-3 inch section for him. The other medium, large and giant breed dogs we have also tolerated the treats well and wanted more! It has been very easy to get them to come inside just by waving the bag of jerky treats! Ingredients- Beef, Sweet Potato, dried culture skimmed milk, vegetable glycerin, salt and vitamin E (mixed Tocopherol) Website- I love that they are Made in the USA, but I could not find where they were made on the label. All in all I'm very please to have been able to try these out on my dogs and I know they really enjoyed the treats! #AMAZONREVIEW #DOGTREATS To buy this on Amazon click HERE

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