Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bellessentials Hair removal threading tool

I have heard of the term threading before, and I have seen the threading kiosks in the mall, but I have never seen or heard of this threading tool before getting chosen to test and review this product. I received the blue handled Threading tool on a special sellers promotional offer along with the free eyebrow razor. I was happy to test this out on my daughter and myself. First of all there are no instructions, so I went to you tube and searched for a video on how to use this. Very simple. Just make a U shape as seen in the photo, then put the spring up to your skin and rotate the coils up as you spin the blue handles outward. It will gently pull the fine hairs out. Alot easier than tweezing, especially in between the eyebrows. You can use it on your cheeks, upper lip, chin and neck. Takes a fraction of the time and they say that as you keep using the threading tool it will slow growth since it's pulling the hairs from the root, and they will grow in thinner and more sparse than before using the tool. Small enough to keep in your purse, for the days you have extra time in the car, when the sun is out is when I notice those fine peach hairs in places I do not want them! So in the car with natural sunlight would be perfect to use this. Does not leave your skin bright red like the waxing does, so quick and painless is a great option for me. Very happy to have been able to try something new. The Bonus eyebrow razor was nice too. I'm a bit leary of razors, but I used it on top of my eyebrow to help shape it and it worked great. #HAIRREMOVAL #THREADING #THREADINGTOOL #BELLESSENTIALS #TWEEZING #AMAZONREVIEW #BUVIEW #REVIEWSTHATBUZZ To buy this on Amazon click HERE

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