Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tsū is a free social network and payment platform that shares up to 90% of revenues with its users. Join me!

If you are like me and always seem to be posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And looking for deals, whether it be couponing, deals on products, photos of scenery or selfies, you should totally check out the social network that actually pays you for interacting! I love it. Couponers are a HUGE part of this foundation. You will see actual breakdowns of what to purchase at what store with what coupons, and how much out of pocket you will spend. Photo's of people's hauls, it really is amazing all the freebies than can be had with a little work. Alot of people come here to have the work done for them, look up the stores and deals, and duplicate them! There's some great Amazon Deals on there as well. For us product testers you will see some similar deals advertised as well. There's humor posts, travel posts, personal posts, you name it, it's all here and alot like you find on other social media sites, but the difference is you are actually paid for posting to Tsū daily. You only get 24 shares per day, and you can like and comment on people's posts to add to your daily earnings. It's all about getting your posts seen or sharing some of the most popular posts. Give it a try. I love it!! You can follow me here and sign up, it's invite only! JOIN HERE How is tsū different? 1. Ownership - We believe in real ownership, which only exists when users own the rights to their content and the economics that come with it. Users should be compensated for their likeness, image and content. It’s simple and it’s the right thing to do. 2. Access - We share social revenues with everyone, for any type of content, size of network or level of influence. Using tsū requires nothing more than what you already do on other social media platforms today. 3. Empowerment - Our model is global, scalable, and designed to empower the user. For the first time every user can be a content creator earning royalties in perpetuity. So if you're interested follow my link- HERE #TSU #TSUACTIVE #TSUSOCIAL #MONEY #GETPAID #TSUCOUPON #FREEBIES #GOTITFREE #WORKATHOME #SOCIALMEDIA

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