Saturday, April 11, 2015

Natural Glamor 10 piece Professional Make up brush set

I really needed a new set of makeup brushes, and when I saw the promotional deal for this 10 piece set from Natural Glamor, I had to get them and try them out. I've been using an old set of bare essential brushes, and they always were shedding. These makeup brushes are synthetic and are so soft. Upon unboxing there was a strong smell of plastic from the protective sleeves on each brush, and the plastic pouch it arrived it. I took off all plastic and let them air out for a day before washing them. The next day after the brushes dried out,there was no smell and the brushes were so soft! I love the 10 piece brush set. I was use to only using 3 brushes for my main face, and the flat brush is now my favorite for my mineral veil. Flawless finish! The eye shadow brushes worked wonderfully. I used them with my new 20 piece shadow palette from Natural Glamour. I am very impressed with the quality of these brushes. No shedding and super soft! My base makeup went on very smooth, not cakey. The handles are nice and smooth and easy for me to grip and use. Highly recommend these brushes. The price point is well worth it, not overly expensive, an excellent quality! This would make a great gift! #AMAZONREVIEWS #TOMOSON #makeupbrush #naturalglamor You can get them on Amazon- HERE

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