Saturday, April 25, 2015

Vremi Apple Peeler for Harvest Season is a must buy!!

My in-laws have an apple peeler similar to this one and I love it! When I saw the promotional offer for this one I knew I had to get it and put it to great use! So many uses, potatoes, and apple, peeling and peeling and coring, which makes a nice spiral shape. Very sturdy. Great suction on the bottom of the unit. Easy to assemble. You have to unscrew the handle and put it so the knob is to the outside and then you have to attach the front fork to use the prongs in the fruit or potatoe. I peeled my apple in no time. This is going to be great during harvest season, making those apple pies, applesauce and apple rings for the dehydrator. Vremi peeler is a very high quality product and will last for years! If you'd like to buy it on Amazon- CLICK HERE

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