Saturday, April 11, 2015

Premium Sports Water Bottle By Cricent

We are huge fans of these sport bottles! I was able to order this on a special promotional offer and am so happy with the quality of this Sports bottle. I chose the black color. I love the hook on the top, so easy to grab and go. None of my other bottles have that, so that's a real nice feature. The water bottle has a measuring guide on the size so you know how many ounces you are drinking. And as far as drinking, there's a straw for the inside, and you suck the water up through the straw type spout on the top of the bottle. Nice cover to keep the spout clean, just press the button to pop the top and you're ready to drink. Spill proof which is real nice. My grandson who's not quite 2 drinks out of these types of bottles all the time! High quality product. BPA free #Amazonreviews #sportsbottle #waterbottle #cricent Here's the link on Amazon please click- HERE

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