Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sip Glass Straws. The Healthiest Way to Sip Your Smoothies, Drinks, Juices and Shakes.

Glass Straws? YES, please!! I have seen these straws advertised and thought they would make a great addition to my house since I drink only iced coffees daily as well as smoothies. No more plastic to throw away! I saw the promotional offer for these straws and had to test them out for myself. These are heavy duty glass straws, I do not have any fear of them breaking. They came shipped wrapped in bubble wrap and an envelope and were undamaged. Upon inspection, you can see the thickness of the glass straws and should be confident that they will last a long time. The edges are nicely rounded. I love that I can now save my money buying those plastic straws that were just littering the landfills. These are glass, and are re-usable! I got 4 straws and a handy straw cleaning brush. I love that the straws are clear, and not colored, and after washing you can tell that they are clean! #AMAZONREVIEWS #GLASSSTRAWS #BAYTRADING #RECYCLE Here's the link on Amazon, please click- HERE

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