Sunday, April 12, 2015

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Φ Venus Glass by KOKO Aroma

I am loving the look and feel of the Venus glass Aromatherapy oil diffuser by Koko Aroma. This company has really put the effort into the quality of this product. Very well made. High quality in terms of product and packaging. I was able to buy this through a discounted promotional offer and I'm so happy with this product test and review. Upon unboxing everything is nicely wrapped to prevent breakage, clear instructions on usage, even includes a cleaning brush for the water chamber. What I like about this oil diffuser is it is spill proof. The glass decorative cover is very heavy and it looks very nice in my room. This product will fit well in any setting. I've used it in my bedroom and family room. Super simple to use, quiet operation. On of switch on side of unit and very long power cord. I'm very happy with my purchase. #AMAZONREVIEW #ESSENTIALOILS #DIFFUSER #AROMATHERAPY Buy NOW

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