Saturday, April 11, 2015

Waterproof and Rechargeable No Bark Collar

If you are thinking about a no bark collar such as this one that features a vibration only or a combination shock/vibration collar for your dog, I would recommend this one. I was chosen to test this product as part of a promotional offer on one of my dogs. I was thinking about using it on my smallest, yappiest dogs, the chihuahua, but after receiving it, I feel the controller would be a bit heavy for his neck. I chose to use this on my larger husky mix, as he is very hyper, and sometimes needs a time out! What I like about this set up is the generous size collar, it's thin enough to cut down to the size you need, and will accommodate even the biggest dog (thinking a St. Bernard). The rechargeable collar is easy to charge, it lights up green when fully charged. Then set your sensitivity level, and then the V option for vibrate only, or the numbered option for the shock intensity and vibration mode will also work in conjunction. I can tell you this collar works great. No remote for this one. Which means I put it on him before he goes outside. Then when he starts barking at the neighbors and their dog he will be a reminder, and he stops. Try the vibration mode first and see if your dog responds. If not then set the mode for the sensitivity and shock. I love that the collar is waterproof, especially in the Washington area, where we get alot of rain. I would recommend this collar for a small dog bigger than a chihuahua up to a very large dog. Very impressed with the quality and the results I am seeing with my dog. There's also an offer for a free engraved pet tag, when you buy this collar. Great bonus offer. #AMAZONREVIEWS #TOMOSON #BUVIEW #NOBARK #LoboCommander #dogcollar #correction You can find the no bark collar on Amazon- HERE

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