Saturday, April 25, 2015

Reflective Pet Bandana set

If you like to walk your dogs in the early morning or at night, this is a great product for you to buy for them! I ordered this reflective pet set for my dog through a great promotional offer to try and test on my dog. I must have measured incorrectly, since I wanted it for my medium sized dog, who is very chunky, and although the bandana fit him ok, the legs were far too big for him. He's a Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix. The bandana and leg wraps worked better on my large dog which is a husky/lab mix. I ordered the large size mainly for the neck circumference. I think I needed a Medium for him. At any rate, it's fine, I know what size to order for him now and will probably do so , so both animals will be visible on our night walks. The material is nice and light weight, very well crafted, and I know will last them forever. I chose the bright orange color. Looks great against their black and white fur. I will highly recommend this product to all dog owners who take their pets on walks. Safety first! #AMAZONREVIEW #SAFETY #PETGEAR You can buy it on Amazon- CLICK HERE

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