Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Koffee Kult Coffee beans are bold and roasted to perfection!

I'm a coffee lover/snob, being from the Seattle area, it's kinda my thing! I love to be my own barista, and I brew my own "toddy" cold brew technique. I have to say first impressions are right on! From the quality of the bag and labeling. To opening and smelling that wonderful rich, robust aroma! I could not wait to get these beans in the grinder and start a new batch of cold brew! The grind came out perfect! Nice dark, and rich in color, not overly greasy either. After I drained off my grounds I was left with this nice dark brew that was totally calling my name...never mind that I had already had my first coffee of the day, now it was time for another!!! I whipped up one of my iced Americano's, and I was in L-O-V-E!! The taste was better than the coffeehouse beans I've been spending $$ on. No bitterness, smooth, rich, bold tastes, that will delight any true coffee lover! I'm so glad I was chosen to test out Koffee Kult's beans and be able to fully test and review it. Now I'm here sharing with you how much I'm loving more than just my 1 or 2 cup a day habit! Hands down the best beans around!! We need a roaster to come to Washington!!! Open a cafe, put those other coffee shops to shame! #AMAZONREVIEW #KOFFEEKULT #COFFEE #COFFEEBEANS #COFFEEROASTER Here's the link to the product on Amazon. HERE

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