Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fogless Shower Mirror by Cassani is the only mirror you will need!

I have no idea why I never looked into a proper shower mirror before! I have been living with a cheesy free suction type mirror that was 2 x 4 inches, and not at all clear! I was chosen for a promotion for the Fogless Shower mirror by Cassani test and review and decided I needed to have this in my own shower!! The pictures were worth 1,000 words, and I had to have it and test it! Upon arrival it was packaged in a box, just like the picture. It came with clear instructions of how to properly stick the mounts for the mirror and razor holder. Installation took just seconds! This morning in the shower I could see..and clearly! How amazing after all these years, never really knowing what I was missing until I have this one hanging in my shower! I took a nice hot steamy shower, and the mirror never fogged a, if I could get that same technology on my bathroom mirror, I'd love that! My husband was very pleased as well. He's never been one to shower and shave in the shower, but I made him try it today! He is now going to make some shaving changes! He said he can see better, more close up, and since his face is warm from the water, he can get a much closer shave then shaving at the bathroom sink! That's a bonus for me since not only will his face be smoother longer, but now I will not have those pesky whiskers all over my bathroom sink area! I love that it came with the hook for the razor, so I can hang the razor instead of having it sit on the ledge of my shower. Nice bonus! Great product, highly recommend! #AMAZONREVIEW #FOGLESSSHOWERMIRROR #CassaniCompany Here's the link- HERE

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