Friday, February 13, 2015

Decorative 20x20 Down Pillows

The ticking on the outside of the pillows is nice and heavy, so there are no feathers poking or sticking out. I have seen numerous reviews about the pillows being flat. Yes, they are flat as packaged and shipped. They are compressed and packaged together in a plastic bag. You have to thoroughly shake the pillows out and re-fluff them. Take them by the 2 corners and shake, all the way around so the pillows will fluff evenly. As shipped they were maybe 1.5 inches, after fluffed they were well fluffed 20 inch pillows about 5-6 inches high in the center. So yes, it really does make a difference by re fluffing them. Maybe some users didn't realize this, but it's always the way with down pillows, especially when they get shipped to you. Again, after you put them on your bed and you use them, they will flatten down and conform to you. This is true for all down pillows. Just re-fluff again and they are ready to please. These pillows are very high quality! I look forward to using them on our bed in our decorative pillowcases. If you are interested in purchasing these go here- HERE #AMAZONREVIEW #TOMOSON

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