Friday, February 13, 2015

The best bike lights ever made! Rechargeable LED lights. Get Magnus!

Magnus has the best quality and features I have had the pleasure of using! First of all the products are all packed in foam very securely, in a very nice quality sealed box with their logo. Upon opening the box is your long awaited treasures! This set came with a headlight, 2 brake lights, 2 USB rechargeable batteries and a triple A battery adapter for the just in case you didn't have a charge on the other batteries. My husband was totally amazed at the innovation of these USB batteries and couldn't put them down, he kept examining them, and imagining other products that would benefit from a rechargeable battery like this. These products are constructed with the highest quality materials, aircraft quality aluminum alloy for one, the straps are very thick and the other materials used are also high quality., The headlights are very bright led lights with 3 settings, high beam, low beam and strobe settings. The button to push is very sensitive, so apply a light pressure to the button to change the light setting. If you push too much it will cause the light to just turn on and off. There are settings in between the on and off, and it's like 1/2 a click each time. If that makes sense. The headlight also has a zoom feature. A zoomable low beam, wide projectile feature or an high beam, depth projectile feature. Also the quick disconnect is valuable when leaving your bike in the public for extended periods. Just unhook and store in the handy carrying case that was included in the box. The same goes for the taillights. There are 3 settings solid, fast and slow strobes. Very bright red light, you will definitely be seen with these from behind. As far as the rechargeable USB batteries, these would be ideal for the office commuter! Keep one with you at all times, say you are riding your bike to work and you notice your battery is going dim, just pop the usb battery in your computer and let it charge while you are at work. The red light indicates the battery needs recharging, and the orange light means it's charged and ready to go. The brake lights are very easy to install with the strap. We have 2 sets, and one the one bike I had to put a brake light on top of the already installed reflector, which works just fine. Very secure. These will not fall off. I have added photos to show the different ways we have them mounted. We are very impressed with this company and their workmanship. High quality and worth every penny! Since we are avid bike riders we were chosen to test and review this product and give our opinions of how they worked for us. You will not be disappointed! Just remember to remove them and store them in the handy carrying bag when you park your bike, you want to protect your investment! Just a few quick steps to put them on again at the end of the day, and you're on your way home safely! Enjoy! These products have a lifetime guarantee! #AMAZONREVIEW #BIKELIGHTS #TOMOSON If you'd like to purchase them go here- HERE

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