Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stainless Steel Wineglasses

First of all these Stainless Steel wine glasses are shorter in size and smaller in diameter that I was expecting. The rim of the glasses are nice and smooth, no sharpness to the rim. The stem and bottom seem like they have a shiny overlay on them, and a few blemishes are visible near the name stamp on the under side of the cup stand. The weight of the glasses are nice, they are not at all heavy, but are very sturdy. They were each wrapped in plastic and packed in a small box. I received these wine glasses complementary for my unpaid, unbiased review. These stainless steel wine glasses remind me of something I would see in church, but a smaller scale. I have uploaded a photo so you could see the scale. #AMAZONREVIEW #TOMOSON See them here- HERE

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