Monday, February 23, 2015

Gear District Luggage Scale, not just for luggage!

I've never owned a digital luggage scale before, what a great idea, saves us from trying to use the bathroom scale to try and get an accurate weight! This Digital scale is fantastic, small but very sturdy and easy to handle. The instructions on how to use this Digital Luggage Scale were very included in the box and were very clear. Thanks for including the battery needed for the scale! I just popped the battery in its place and turned it on and it was almost ready to go. This product has a backlight, so it's easy to read anywhere. You have to press the power button repeatedly to get it to change for kg to lbs in our state. I had a hard time getting to chose what I wanted on start up, but after I read the directions, I powered it off and turned it back on and the choices were right there on the screen. I may have missed that upon initial power on. The strap goes through the handle of your suitcase and then you just lift and the weight is automatically displayed on the small monitor very clearly and accurate. It can hold up to 88 pounds. This scale can be used for many more things than just luggage in my opinion. It would also be great for people who have just had surgery and have a weight restriction, since this scale has the strap it will fit around virtually anything that has a handle, and even at that it would be easy to use the loop and clasp to go around an item to weigh it. The scale is small enough to carry in my purse if needed. Included in the box was a small combination lock, but it is not TSA approved, so pretty much useless while traveling, but I'm sure I can find another use for it around my house. I also received a digital EBook, "How to Pack Smart and Light" full of helpful tips for packing, when I placed my order. What a great idea to include ebooks like this to help aid us with travel! Great product, and it will definitely be used alot! #AMAZONREVIEW #LUGGAGESCALE #TOMOSON Here's the link to buy it- HERE

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