Monday, February 23, 2015

Vitchelo V800 LED Headlamp is very bright! Let it light your way!

These LED headlamps are the best! Use them for running, night walking, working on vehicles where you need extra light and no hands! So many practical uses. I was able to purchase this on a seller promotion, and am so excited to have been chosen to use this. This headlamp is great quality. Nice adjustable head strap in a bright green with black accents and the logo Vitchelo. The back of the lamp has a lever to make the light have a stand for stand alone feature, if not used on your head, and is adjustable. The light is water resistant, not waterproof, so no worries when you're using this in rainy situations like running. Although it's not waterproof if submerged.So don't try and go night diving with it! The LED headlamp has a bright white light, 168 lumens.I'm not sure what that means exactly, being a woman, but I can tell you the light is super bright and lights up a good strong beam of light path. It features different light modes, High, Med, Low and flashing white. Also features a red flashing and steady light mode. The buttons are on the smaller size and opposite of each other. The right size is the light with 1 nub on the switch, and the left size with 2 nubs on the switch is the red emergency light. The headlamp also came with a bonus silicone rubber green wrist bracelet. #AMAZONREVIEW #vitchelo And I love the WARRANTY 100% SATISFACTION or 60 days MONEY BACK guarantee + complete LIFETIME WARRANTY for repair or exchange! Love products like this, where the companies stand behind their products forever! Here's the link if you want to buy it- HERE

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